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Every hosting plan includes these featiures Details?
FREE with every hosting plan:
ASP MySQL Custom Error Pages
CGI Unix Platform FrontPage Extension
PHP Spam Filters Unlimited Email Forwarding
SSI No POP-ups Unlimited Auto Responders
JAVA 99% Up Time Unlimited Pop3 Email
Our Features Explained
99% Up Time Your website will reside at our hosting facilities on a server rack. Sometimes components fail or need to be upgraded. At these times, your site may become unavailable for a short time, but will be running again as soon as the maintenance process is complete.
ASP, CGI, PHP, JAVA Server side language support.
Custom Error Pages You may design the look, feel and layout of your own ERROR pages. Which may incude links to site maps or other help pages. This allows your visitors to feel welcomed to the experience of your site.
FrontPage Extension FrontPage Server Extensions are server-side scripts (script: A type of computer code used to perform tasks on Web pages, such as incrementing a "number of visitors" counter each time there is a new visitor. Web scripts can be written in several script languages. Scripts do not need to be compiled to be run.) that extend the functionality of FrontPage. These extensions support features such as hit counters, data collection, e-mail processing, and database processing. For a list of features that require FrontPage Server Extensions, see FrontPage Server Configuration Options and Features. FrontPage
MySQL Your basic account will have 100 data bases availible
Unix Platform
SSI Server Side Includes
No POP-ups Some servers impose pop-ups on your domain to raise additional ad revenue. This practice is not only obtrusive, but shows the level they are willing to go to make money. Using, you will be assured that integrity is number one! Your site is yours. You and your customers will only be exposed to the content that you personally placed on your site.
Spam Filters We have server site filters in place to block most of the spam that gets sent to your contact addresses. Now you can spend your time responding to real mail, instead of dealing with all of those anoying scams. This makes the time you spend on the internet work for you instead of against you.
Unlimited Auto Responders Now you can set-up address to send predefined responces to the most common inquires. Like "How do we get to your party?" "What are your hours?" or "Today's recipe is.."
Unlimited Pop3 Email
Unlimited Email Forwarding Set-up email addresses to forward mail to each employee, or if you have a family web site, you can give each family member their own personalised address.
Our Hosting Philosophy is a Christian based hosting company. Our service, support, policies, and everything we provide to our customers is based on our commitment to serving the public in accordance with Biblical principles.

Treat others as you would have them treat you. -- No one wants to be treated badly, so providing top notch courteous service to our customers is first on our list. more
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